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Join our call to eliminate the Trudeau-NDP Coalition's unfair and expensive Carbon Tax.

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Axe the TaxAs we learned in late October, the Trudeau-NDP Coalition has proposed three changes to the federal Carbon Tax aimed at alleviating the burden faced by Atlantic Canadians: 1) A three-year suspension of the carbon tax on home heating oil; 2) A 10% increase to the rural rebate; and, 3) The creation of a program rewards for Canadians who sign up to switch from home heating oil to a heat pump. See the news release here.

The Liberal-NDP Coalition is desperate and flailing in recent public opinion polls. They're making it up as they go along.

While these are welcome changes for Maritimers, there is absolutely no relief for Oshawa's residents even if you heat your home with a clean and efficient fuel source such as natural gas.

What's more, all Canadians will continue pay the Carbon Tax on fuel for their vehicles, groceries and almost everthing else. The Prime Minister even admitted that his Coalition will "double down" on its plan to quadruple the carbon tax on Oshawa's families, Seniors, students and small businesses.

Worse, the Coalition’s recently-proposed support for Maritimers has pitted one group of Canadians against another, creating more division across the land. Meantime, the Trudeau-NCP Carbon Tax will continue to increase every year and create more pain for folks here in Oshawa and across the country.

You should be also be aware that just one year ago, Trudeau and his Liberal MPs voted to keep the tax on all sources of home heating. So why the recent change to benefit Maritimers alone? What about the rest of us?

The Common Sense Conservative commitment is simple: No gimmicks. No temporary measures.

We'll axe all inflationary Carbon Taxes for good. And we'll bring home lower prices with policies to make life more affordable for everyone in Oshawa.

Please join your Oshawa neighbours and help deliver tax fairness.

The Petition


The residents of the Oshawa are experiencing substantial increases to their home heating bills owing to the Trudeau-NDP Carbon Tax; and

The Liberal-NDP Coalition recently proposed a significant tax policy change which disadvantages residents Oshawa, Ontario and the rest of Canada relative to residents of Atlantic Canadians,

The Prime Minister's own Parliamentary Budget Officer report proved that the carbon tax will cost most households far more than they will ever recoup in rebate payments,


We, the undersigned residents of Oshawa, call upon the Government of Canada to level the playing field for all Canadians by immediately removing the carbon tax from all sources of home heating irrespective of energy source.


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