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Residents of Oshawa and citizens across our country are counting on your support.

Please join your neighbours in pressing the NDP-Trudeau Coalition for immediate reform of Canada's broken bail system.

We must prioritize the rights of victims of crime, law enforcement and law-abiding citizens over the interests of repeat violent offenders. Let's keep these offenders behind bars – where they belong.

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The Petition

Whereas the NDP-Trudeau Coalition’s (the 'Coalition') soft-on-crime policies have unleashed a wave of violent crime across our country (violent crime is up 32% with 124,000 more reported incidents than when Conservatives were last in office; gang-related murders up 92% over the past 8 years);

And whereas many Oshawa residents feel uneasy walking their streets or taking public transit;

And while the individuals committing these crimes make up a small portion of the population, the Coalition’s revolving-door bail policies have enabled the release of repeat violent offenders onto our streets with no accountability;

And whereas the Coalition passed into law Bill C-5 (November 2022) which repealed mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes and, simultaneously, expanded the use of house arrest for violent criminals – allowing many to serve their sentences in the very communities they terrorized;

And whereas Bill C-5 has made it easier for repeat violent offenders to get bail;

And whereas all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers – along with the major police associations in Canada’s largest cities and regions – have called upon federal legislators to reform Canada’s bail system;

And whereas, on February 2, 2023, the Conservative Opposition put forward a motion that would have strengthened Canada’s bail laws;

We, the undersigned, call upon the NDP-Trudeau Coalition to immediately reform Canada's bail system; end the cycle of catch-and-release justice; and, take action to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars.


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