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Expenditures Reports

Dear Constituent,

The House of Commons provides each Member of Parliament with an annual budget and funding to support his or her Parliamentary duties.

Members' budgets are set by all-party House committee known as the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE). This Board is chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons, currently the Hon. Anthony Rota (Lib, ON).

Operating funds are provided to cover the salaries of each Member's Constituency and Hill employees, constituency office operations (including rent and utilities), Member's travel to and from the constituency, promotional materials (flags, pins), limited local advertising and communications, including printing, postage.

My expenditure reports are published regularly and available on the Board's website.

To view current or past disclosures, select the appropriate financial period from this list then click on "Expenditures by Member". Once list of Members loads, simply check the box beside my name (CARRIE, Colin) then click "Next" to view the most recent detail.

Best wishes,