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Lately we’re hearing a lot of chatter about a snap federal general election late this winter or in early spring — potentially as soon as mid-March or April.

In mid-January, Prime Minister Trudeau refused to rule out calling an election during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic — just as Oshawa residents of all ages, but particularly our front-line health care workers, Seniors and most at-risk groups continue to wait for long-delayed vaccine deliveries.

Yet, the Prime Minister and senior Liberal ministers continue to press Elections Canada to prepare for a snap vote during the pandemic, going so far as to introduce new legislation to amend the Canada Elections Act to provide more ways (and more days) to vote during the pandemic while also ramping up to distribute record quantities of mail-in ballots.

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“The last thing Oshawa residents need is a federal election in late winter or early spring during the second — or potentially third — wave of COVID-19.” How do you feel?