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Taxpayers here in Oshawa and across Canada need your help.

Will you do your part to help kill the NDP-Liberal Coalition's sneaky hidden tax increase?

The Petition

Whereas the NDP-Trudeau Coalition plans to hike the hidden tax on beer, wine, and spirits by 6.3% without any parliamentary scrutiny on April 1, 2023;

Kill the Hidden Tax increase

And whereas Canadians are already suffering from the inflation and cost-of-living crisis created by the Coalition's high-tax and high-spend agenda;

And whereas this tax hike will cost Canadians an additional $45 million at a time when the cost of everything keeps going up;

And whereas excise taxes already account for approximately 50% of the price of beer, 60% of the price of wine, and over 75% of the price of spirits;

And whereas, since 2017, the Trudeau government has tied the escalator tax to the rate of inflation and already increased this tax by 18.42%;

And whereas automatic and hidden tax hikes are unaccountable and unaffordable for Oshawa's consumers and our locally-based producers;

We, the undersigned, call upon the NDP-Trudeau Coalition to cancel its undemocratic hidden tax hike on beer, wine, and spirits.


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