Member of Parliament Oshawa

Huawei and the Canada-China Relationship

What's your view on our federal government potentially allowing Chinese telecomms giant Huawei to help build out of Canada's 5G networks?

So far, several countries -- including Canada's 'Five Eyes' security partners (US, New Zealand, Australia and the UK) -- have effectively banned Huawei from their domestic 5G networks given concerns about privacy, cyber-crime and national security.

Yet, the Trudeau government has been slow to rule Huawei in or out.

More generally, how do you feel about the Canada-China relationship in the near term?

Please take just 1-2 minutes to share your views with me. In turn, I'll relay your concerns to federal Ministers, the government and my colleagues in the House of Commons.

I'm so grateful to receive your views.

Given what you've seen or heard, do you think that Canada's federal government should allow Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to be involved in building Canada's 5G mobile networks?