Colin Carrie, MP for Oshawa

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Do you support the construction of pipelines so we can extract and refine our own oil within Canada?

Saudi Arabia announced that it would suspend new trade and investment with Canada. The Saudi government has also directed the selloff of all Canadian assets and purchases of Canadian wheat and barley, has given Saudi students enrolled in Canadian universities four weeks to leave the country, has stopped all medical treatment programs in Canada and is working to transfer all Saudi patients from Canadian hospitals. This is expected to impact up to a 1,000 frontline healthcare workers across the country. However, reports indicate that the dispute will not impact Saudi oil supplies to Canada. We continue to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia as the Trudeau Liberals work to cancel Energy East and bury other potential pipelines in red tape. The completion of these projects would have allowed us to extract and refine clean, ethical oil. Right here, in Canada. These projects would have created jobs in Canada, and would have allowed us to become less dependent on foreign oil imports.