Member of Parliament Oshawa

Your turn: Rating governments' handling of the COVID response

With deliveries of approved vaccines to Ontario having increased in recent weeks — and vaccinations of initial priority age groups just underway — it’s a good time to take stock of the handling of the pandemic response at each of level of government: Federal, provincial, regional (Durham Region) and local (City of Oshawa).

Based on what you’ve seen, read — or experienced personally — and thinking about each level of government’s sphere of responsibility (i.e.: financial supports, public health awareness, long-term care oversight, schools, travel, lockdowns and delivering vaccinations), how has each level of government managed the pandemic response?

Your input ensures that I'm fighting for the policies, programs, supports and funding to assist Oshawa individuals, families, businesses and organizations during the challenging weeks and months ahead.

I'm most grateful to hear your views.


I'm generally satisfied with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S handling of the pandemic.