Oshawa's Strong Voice in Parliament

What's your view?


With tax time (unfortunately) upon us, many constituents are thinking about their household's federal tax burden.

Are you paying too much in federal taxes? Just about right?

Or, should federal taxes be raised to pay for more federal programs and new spending?

Let me know in just 1-2 minutes.

Your comments and suggestions ensure I'm on the right track in the House of Commons.

I know your time is valuable and I'm grateful for your participation.

P.S.: The Oshawa riding contains the entire portion of the City Oshawa lying South of Taunton Rd. While responses from outside the Oshawa riding (i.e.: from North of Taunton Rd, Whitby, Clarington, etc.) are welcome, they may not be acknowledged owing to time and the sheer volume of correspondence I receive. As a small office, my staff and I must prioritize serving and communicating with Oshawa constituents.


Unsure about your own federal riding or Member of Parliament? Please perform a quick look-up using your postal code.