Oshawa's Strong Voice in Parliament
February 14, 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Values Test is Unacceptable


Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have fundamentally altered the Canada Summer Jobs application for 2018. 

As Canadians, we enjoy and cherish our fundamental freedoms and we depend on our government to protect these important rights. What’s concerning is when the government of the day begins disrespecting Canadians fundamental Charter rights in favour of scoring cheap political points.  

That’s why Justin Trudeau’s decision to require all groups seeking funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program to sign an attestation declaring support for his ideological views is simply appalling. My constituents, and Canadians across the country, expect their government to respect the diversity of opinion and belief that exists in our democracy.

But while Justin Trudeau talks a lot about respecting that diversity, his actions tell a very different story.

In typical Liberal fashion, he chose not to listen to the many community organizations who expressed concerns with this significant change.  Many of these organizations have made good use of these program dollars in Oshawa for many years, and will now be unable to provide the same level of service to low income families.  

Among those who will have to cut back are organizations that provide aid to refugees, run daycare programs for Canadians with disabilities and offer help to at-risk youth. Many have already been forced to make a tough decision and refuse to apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program this year.

This is yet another example of how this government is attacking the very people they claim to help.

Justin Trudeau has made the wrong decision.  As a result grassroots organizations and low income families have been hurt. Organizations applying for public funds should not be denied access solely because the Prime Minister does not share their beliefs. 

Constituents have been asking me “what’s next?” Will these values tests become standard for accessing benefits like employment insurance or the Canada Pension Plan? Will they impact people applying for government jobs?  With Justin Trudeau in control there is no telling how far the Liberals may take this.

My Conservative colleague MP Harold Albrecht has sponsored an E-Petition in opposition to this new “values test” and it can be found here: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1484

I firmly believe that no one has the right to prevent others from advocating or expressing their most deeply-held personal beliefs.  This is why Canadians can always count on our Conservative team to defend freedom of belief and expression for every single Canadian.

These are Conservative values, these are Canadian values.