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Over 70% of Canadians use Natural Health Products (NHPs) daily. NHPs include such popular products as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbals, traditional and homeopathic medicines and certain topical products like toothpaste and sunscreen.

But these days your access to a broad range of safe, effective and affordable NHPs is at very serious risk.

Through the 2023 Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-47), the Trudeau-NDP Coalition has permitted Health Canada to regulate NHPs in the same manner as therapeutic synthetic drugs. Health Canada will be able to strangle NHPs in red tape and impose substantial new fees on the importation, manufacture, or sale of NHPs and add overly-stringent new labelling requirements for products sold in the Canadian market.

The Coalition has launched a direct attack on your freedom of choice and small businesses in our community.

Use your voice to help make a difference. Stand up for common sense.

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The Petition


1. The Trudeau-NDP Coalition government has introduced new regulations that will greatly increase the cost of producing and purchasing NHPs in Canada;

2. 1 in 5 brands are seriously considering leaving Canada and 70% of companies have indicated that they will likely pull their products off Canadian shelves;

3. Canadians stand to lose access to the essential vitamins and supplements they choose to use as a result of unnecessary red tape and overzealous bureaucratic gatekeeping; and

4. Canadians deserve full control over their nutrition and what they choose to put into their bodies;


We, the undersigned, call upon the federal government and Health Canada to repeal these overreaching regulations and, instead, safeguard Canadians' continued access to a broad range of safe, effective and affordable NHPs.


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